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If there is an industry that has experienced an enormous boom in a little period of time, this is FinTech — and its startups as a consequence. So, let’s take a glimpse at 8 companies that are growing successfully in the FinTech sector.

(Sorted by their fundings)

Funding: $5 million
Number of Employees: 20–50
Central Administration: Los Angeles
It focuses on changing U.S. laws to make it easier for startups and small businesses to raise funds through equity or revenue-based financing.

Number of Employees: 51–100
Funding: $7.9 million
Central Administration: Estonia
Bondora charges borrowers a small and transparent fee when their application is funded, followed by…

FinTech is the shortcut of Financial Technology and describes the impact, the entrance, and the sector of technology in finance. Namely, any transaction that happens online is contained in the FinTech industry. An online payment system like the one Amazon uses, for instance, is FinTech. And continuing with examples like this, you will realize that FinTech is involved in a huge part of our everyday life.

Fintech companies provide financial services in addition to the use of traditional banking services. For a further example, consumers can bypass intermediaries, brokers and bankers while providing services directly to customers. Today, people can…


Audrey is a lifestyle writer living in London. When she’s not functioning as a home amusement press reporter for various internet site.

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